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Jiangsu mushang carpet co., LTD. Was established in 1998, our company is specialized in designing and producing high and low grade woolen hand-made woolen blanket, hand-made woolen blanket and hand-made wool round carpet in hotels, hotels, saunas, KTV, office buildings, villas, cinemas and other places.

Jiangsu mushang carpet co., LTD. Has been adhering to the business philosophy of "abide by credibility and people-oriented" and the management belief of "science and technology innovation and quality oriented", which has laid a solid foundation at home and abroad and become a well-known professional brand. We always pursue the professional development road, always adhere to the operating principle of "quality first, customer first, pioneering and innovative development", through continuous improvement, exquisite production process and product quality control, with our professional services to help customers create higher value. The hand-made woollen shearing carpet is one of the fine products in the carpet. Due to its integration into the cutting, high and low cut, high and low circle and other ancient techniques, and gradually evolved into an art form, has become a rare art treasures. Its artworks can be compared with oil paintings and sculptures, especially the hand-made woolen bayonet blanket with fine workmanship and unique patterns. It integrates ancient and mysterious Oriental culture, and its aesthetic value and collection value have been fully recognized internationally.

Handmade carpet has generally weaving, chemical fiber carpets incomparable process and the value of the arts, and shape can be changeable, square, round, big and little, any different line shape can weave, is China's traditional export products, known as "soft gold", design is rich in content, stereo sense is strong, flowers, scenery like relief, has the high use value, the collection value and appreciation value, is popular among customers at home and abroad for many years. Hand-made carpets are made of wool or mulberry silk, which are made through a full set of more than ten traditional hand-made processes, such as dyeing, printing, puncture, flat, sheet, washing, casting and repairing. Handmade carpet attention to detail treatment, packed with a flap of peach blossom, you can use a few kinds of color, or ten kinds of color to polish, in the red powder, powder is white and red Bai Zhongyou, sunny side can be lighter color, shady places can deep color, by another petals cover color can be deep, Lou in the outside color is lighter, it is woven carpet anyway unattainable, lies the value of the carpet.

The hand-made bayonet carpet is mainly made of pure wool and imported acrylic fiber. In addition, the company also has unique bamboo fiber new materials, which are made through more than ten processes, such as pattern design, color matching, dyeing, printing, hand-made bayonet, gluing, flat blanket, sheet blanket, washing blanket and dressing. Among them, "handwork spear" is to fix the warp and weft cotton base cloth on the frame, and the wool thread is stabbed on the warp thread by hand hand knitting gun, which can combine dozens of colors harmoniously. Manual carpet is not restricted by the quantity of color and lustre, the density of manual bayonet carpet is large, wool cluster is long, after finishing repair processing presents the characteristic with rich color and strong stereo feeling. Such a cumbersome process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to make a blanket. A dense and delicate carpet can extend the life of the carpet for decades.

My company strong technical force, with a professional carpet installation team. Carpet professional installation, cleaning and maintenance of one-stop service. Let every customer have no worries.